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We moved from Indiana to California to Retire. We arrived Oct.7 2018.

I woke up at 6:35 to the Campfire Nov.8 2018. We lost everything we brought from Imdiana. The 1st inspector lied to us. The second inspector lied to us.

We recieved $250 for uninsured personal property. Ive never been so insulted in my life. It took a month to get that but list publically pays out in 2-3 days. When everything you have is incenerated what else should one have to do to get help.

Victims should be paid immediately without recourse no questions asked. For the government making me suffer, force me to where donated used clothing and put all the responsibility on me to replace what it took 35 years to achieve is bs. I lost over $100,000.00 in personal property and other. Im sorry i didnt just die im living like a refugy.

This was the worst holidays of my life. The move and fire have exhausted all my savings. My business is ruined this year as all my business tools were fried cant pay bills credit scores dropped below 600. I filed all the info you ask for now fema has no anwser on when ill know appeal decision, my god seriously i cant believe the way your treating me.

Making me sign under the penalty of purgery are you kidding me my god you do everything humanly possible to make things as difficult as possible and dont think they realize how they take for granite the tools the have to upload print and a victim whos lost it all is made to feel like a piece of *** I would be happy to help write a reform book on how to not make a victim of one of the worst distasters ever feel like were thrown under the bus.

Look at this photo wtf is going on. Angry

Product or Service Mentioned: Fema Disaster Assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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