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we have just been through one of the worst hurricanes in southeast texas in 25 years and fema is a joke.fema and the government was all over katrina but screw all the "working" people of galveston county.

we dont deserve fema vouchers, fema credit cards for cash, fema trailers, everything that the people of katrina received..they have told us to get over it...huh is this reverse racism, could be because isnt it interesting that 87% of us in galveston county are white and *** fema. excuse me *** government there are also poor and pay check to pay check white people.

we are not all privledged like everyone wants to think.

*** home owner who lost everything.

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Wow.Was a Katrina Survivor and it's not what u think.

Only crooks robs FEMA. We were citizens too working. I hope God touch u from feeling that way. Sounds bitter, many in Katrina that was unadvertised was doomed like to too Mrs.

Please don't judge Survivors.Every crook has they day.

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