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Fema lies to people and scam people i have been dealing with fema since august everytime i talk to fema its a new excuse of what they need everytime i talk to them its something new that needs to be turned in i have submitted everything that they have ask me to submit i have went by my insurance company and the mechanic shop and let fema talk to my insurance and i let them talk to the mechanice shop jan.17,2017 the mechanic told fema that he was the owner and that my car had several problems due to the flood and they are giving me a very very very hard time i have been patient and compliant with everything that they have asked me to and they keep coming up with more reasons i also have asked more than one time for a supervisor to give me a call about my case and a supervisor refuse to call me but yet they noye in the computer that they have called me but yet on the day that they say that they called i had no missed calls from them i also have voicemail and noone left a voicemail but if my job or any other important phone call comes through those people leave a voicemail and ask me to call thwm back and i do im trying to figure oit why didnt fema leave a voicemail like other business people do the guy told me on the phone if i turned in a the documents that fema needs for my case that they would give me 6,000 to replace my car but another fema help person tried to make it seem like nobody told me that and just loke i told her maam if the phone calls are being recorded then go back through every conversation so you can hear it for yourself i have no reason to lie and make that up im very upset because this is wrong my air bag light is on my air dont come on anymore or my heat i have a light that come on that says check electrical system transmission problems my car killed on me and the mechanic says that my car is going to shut down on me because the car is total and i have let fema talk to the mechanic and fema has done nothing for me as of yet the supervisors even refuse to call you back but its funny how the people were giving fema the information about whats wrong with my car and the fema person will respond and say no manager can talk right but turn around and say oh the floor manager just said this or just said that well my question is how did anyone tell you something if you just said they cant talk cause they are busy at the moment that sounds like a lie to me and i will keep calling til i get results

Product or Service Mentioned: Fema Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I went Through the Same Thing and still is but I wanted to Know who the Person was who called Me and Request for More info and I gave them what they asked for and they denied Me 6 Times.

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