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We are pissed at FEMA. Our Condo Development is 24 years old is on Flushing Bay that hasn't had a flood in 234 years.

FEMA a few years ago reassessed the area and took us off the grid as a flood zone. They have never documented any floods in our area and in 2010 changed us back to a flood zone. We believe the Insurance companies complained about their loss of revenue and FEMA reinstated us as a flood zone.Our first bill was $24,000 with additional payments reoccurring $3000 per 11 units yearly (26 bldgs) We are all concerned about unnecessary charges effecting our living expenses.

We have our fair share of foreclosures and families struggling to make ends meet. We all believe these charges are unfair and unwarranted and expect a revue by our state, Federal and local politicians.

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Jacksonville, Florida, United States #805378

I agree with you 100 percent bought a house in December 2013 it was flood zone x now they have remapped and i get a zone a sold my old home because i am on dis ability now wanted a lower payment so i went with a much smaller home to get my payment affordable now with the new flood insurance rates my payment is just as much so i look forward to the homeless shelters in the future THANK YOU FEMA

Columbus, Ohio, United States #634457

We went from no floodzone to the highest risk possible,when I called fema to ask why they pretty much said ur screwed..and they do what they were trying to sell our house and we cant because of it had 5 offers then they back out as soon as they hear the flood insurance..keep in mind I live no where near any body of water at all no lakes or rivers or anything...

Biloxi, Mississippi, United States #601630

I agree with you about your complaint.

We were victims of flooding in Hurricane Katrina, although I have been told that the area in which we live has never flooded as evidenced by the five hundred year flood plane kept by the officials of our state. While I personally have not done the research into this matter, I believe that this fact should preclude FEMA from rezoning us as a flood zone. Our insurance has shot up exponentially, too, as a result of this rezoning.

I cannot understand how the insuance companies and FEMA are allowed to do this to us after such a long record of absolutely no flooding in this area. I see other parts of the country, most particularly California, besiged by floods, wildfires, landslides, toronados, etc. and they seem not to be called on to pay the rates being inflicted upon us. I wonder if anyone knows if this is a fact or untrue?

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