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Update by user Dec 06, 2017

heres a update, i have 3 items in appeal. last one was repair on home,septic.

and i have the fema letter that says inelegible. damage not caused by storm. well i had a roof before Irma hit.

so i filed the appeal and called them, they said no it was still pending, all my info on femas sight says ineligible, but now since i filed a appeal because they were wrong, it will be another 3 months because they screwed up. come on fema

Update by user Nov 28, 2017

Update: Now FEMA says to get contractor to say it's not livible. But contractor',s won't because of being black balled or Risks.

If I get county inspector and he says not livible home gets condemed and I have to move with no where to go, and probably still no FEMA help so I applied for Sba loan.And they said beyond cutoff date.

And I just got inspection, But I have poor credit and low fixed income. What the heck to do.

Original review posted by user Nov 26, 2017

my roof had half the shingles torn off, had water leaks i 5 different areas from damaged roof,ceiling and floors mere soak and dripping. no power for 9 days so i couldn't dry it out, septic tank is flooded and causing sewage in yard and smell in house.

i was told by a guy from fema i definitely have mold after that long. dut fema denied request saying my home is livable, how can it be livable with half you roof gone and black mold is staring to show.

and inspector just glanced at the pics i took.never submitted any pics i took. i think they are ripping people off

Product or Service Mentioned: Fema Claim.

Reason of review: have not recited my concern.

Monetary Loss: $12000.

I liked: I disliked.

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